The Power of Writing it Down

WHAT A MONTH January was, amirite?! Now that we’ve gotten through all the New Years resolutions, the motivated attitudes toward self betterment, and all those never-to-be-used-again gym memberships, let’s get down to what every one of you should be putting at the top of your resolutions list: you.

Pushing for a career change or promotion, getting that summer bod ready for Memorial Day Weekend, or setting a goal to travel more in the new year are all wonderful aspirations to have, and they should be on your list. But, here’s the thing. We want to prioritize. So how about we start off with a clean slate, shall we? Instead of looking to perfect your outer beauty (which by the way, there is nothing wrong with that), let’s start from the inside. Let’s challenge ourselves. Let’s self-reflect.

If there is one thing I have learned on my very short time on this earth, it is that:

“Self-reflection is a humbling process. It’s essential to find out why you think, say, and do certain things…then better yourself because of it.”

This is a topic I plan on diving into way deeper at another point on our journey here, but what I really want to share is something I found can be the most powerful tool to use when looking toward yourself and asking: Who am I? What do I want? What do I not want? What do I love about me? What can I work on? And that pearl of wisdom, my friends, is the beautiful art of journaling.

I’m not saying you have to start a blog and let the entire world in on your inner most insecurities and thoughts, but you do have to take time to actualize the thoughts going on in your head. Studies have proven that writing things down makes them more real, more concrete. So I challenge each of you to do this as we’re nearing into the second quarter of the year.

It’s really simple. Once a week, take 30 minutes out of your hectic, emotional, exhausting, beautiful life and have what I call “me time”. Go into a private place, wherever you feel most comfortable (mine is in my cozy bed with a lush robe and a pair of fuzzy socks!). Get comfy, light a candle, and put on some coffeehouse jams. For 30 minutes of your day, self-reflect. How was your week? How has the year been going? How are you feeling RIGHT NOW. Write it down. Anything. Everything. Let the paper be your punching bag and the pencil your vessel for release. Let go of everything in your being. For 30 minutes, no one can touch you. Nothing can change your mood. For 30 minutes, you are in complete and utter peace.

Do this every week. Pick a day (I usually do Sunday night when I’ve had the entire week to build on myself, and am ready to reset for the week ahead). Start to take notice of how you feel. Not physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Are you connecting with your inner brain? Do you feel lighter? Do you feel heavy hearted? Take notice of what those 30 minutes bring you.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with stimuli—good and bad. Take the time to be one with yourself and reach the inner corners no one else can.

Be YOU. Love YOU. Learn from YOU. Make mistakes, cry it out, laugh until you pee your pants, and take notice of what is going on inside of YOU.

There will never come a time when you don’t have you. So be your best friend and treat yourself with respect and dignity. Set time aside for yourself and reflect. The doors of endless opportunity will fill your soul when you do.

Booses, May

Psst…if you’re ready to start journaling, but need a little more guidance, try 52 Lists for Happiness’  and The 52 Lists Project’ by Moorea Seal. I have been using these journals for two years now and can honestly say they’ve changed my life!


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